East Midlands Education Trust

The Trust

East Midlands Education Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for the strategic development, ethos and management of all the schools in our partnership. 

Our Trust has one set of Articles which govern all the academies, along with the Master Funding Agreement with the Secretary of State. In addition, each school has their own Supplemental Funding Agreement, Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation.

Our layers of governance consist of the Members of the Trust, the Board of Trustees, sub-committees of the Board and Local Governing Bodies. 


Our Members are the guardians of the Trust and ensure the charitable company achieves its objectives by following the Charity Commission guidance on structures; members have no specific term of office and are self-perpetuating. They are responsible for appointing Members, Trustees and our external auditors and, in certain circumstances they can remove them.

In addition, the Members can amend the Articles of Association, by special resolution (75% majority), or direct the Trustees to take a specific action.  


Our Trustees are essentially responsible for setting the strategic direction of the multi-academy trust, holding the trust to account for educational performance and overseeing financial performance and compliance within our schools. They must comply with the trust's charitable objects with Company and Charity Law and with their Funding Agreement. 

Our Trust Board may delegate to its committees, local governing bodies and the Trust's executive team, any powers or functions, except those prescribed restrictions imposed by the Trust and also the management of conflicts of interest.


Our schools have local governing bodies and each one acts as a committee of the Trust Board and operates within the remit of their Terms of Reference and Scheme of Delegation.