East Midlands Education Trust

The Trust

East Midlands Education Trust was formed in September 2014 with a mission to raise the educational standards and improve the life chances of students within the partnership. There are currently a number of schools in our trust representing the full age range of 3 - 19 along with an alternative education provider.

East Midlands Education Trust (EMET): The Trust

EMET is managed by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for the strategic development, the ethos and the management of the schools within the partnership. 


Mr Patrick Terence Booth (Vice Chair)

(Pay, Performance & HR + Personnel)

Re-appointed July 2020

(term ends 3/7/24)

Mr Neil Clifton

(Pay, Performance & HR) 

Re-appointed Aug 2021

(term ends 31/8/25)

Mr Brian Andrew Carr


Re-appointed Sept 2019

(term ends 31/8/23)

Dr John Frederick Collins


Re-appointed Sept 2018 (term ends 31/8/22)

Mrs Kathleen Margaret Foale

(Standards and Safeguarding)

Re-appointed Sept 2019

(term ends 31/8/23)

Dr Andrew Michael Hindmarsh (Chair)

(Strategic Development/Pay, Performance and HR)

Re-appointed Sept 2018

(term ends 31/8/22)

Mr Robert McDonough

(Chief Executive)


Mr Paul John Winter

(Audit & Risk)

Re-appointed Sept 2019

(term ends 31/8/23)

Ms Sophie Tinley

(Audit & Risk)

Appointed June 2021

(term ends 6/6/2025)

Mrs Ann Witheford


Appointed Oct 2021

(term ends 3/10/2025)


Dr Andrew Michael Hindmarsh appointed Dec 2015 (Chair of Trustees)
Dr Sally Gornall appointed Jan 2019
Mr Colin Campbell appointed Dec 2019
Mr Philip Harding appointed Jan 2019
Ms Allison Fitchett appointed Dec 2019


Board Meetings:

  • Monday 4 October 2021
  • Monday 6 December 2021
  • Monday 7 February 2022
  • Monday 28 March 2022
  • Monday 16 May 2022
  • Monday 27 June 2022

Audit & Risk Committee Meetings:

  • Wednesday 15 September 2021
  • Wednesday 24 November 2021
  • Wednesday 16 March 2022
  • Wednesday 8 June 2022

Former trustees/members within the last 12 months:

Mrs Elizabeth Thomas (Trustee) appointed Dec 2018 -resigned 8/12/2020
Mrs Susan Gubbins (Trustee) appointed Mar 2018 - resigned 11/04/2021

The Board of Trustees meet regularly and there are specific committees or named trustees to deal with issues such as finance, audit, education and standards, strategic development, pay, performance & HR. In addition, the majority of our schools have their own local governing body, accountable to the Trustees, whilst retaining a considerable amount of delegated authority to make decisions affecting the day to day running of their school.

Attendance records of governors at local governing body meetings, their terms of office and Chairs can all be found on individual school websites from the Homepage.

Attendance records of Trustees can be found under the 'Documents' section on this website.